➡️AR PC with Non see-through display terminates Myopia and Eyestrain

Augmented reality wearable personal computers (AR PC) , eye fatigue, eyestrain, myopia, near sighted, short sighted

The host of this website is an ophthalmologist in Taiwan

The aim of this website is to terminate Eyestrain and Myopia of Mankind

And enter the era of 3D Holograph that can be touched and manipulated

Relieving eyestrain and myopia is the primary duty of ophthalmologists

AR PC with Non see-through display will help all ophthalmologists achieve this very basic goal

Only the light from the non see-through display of AR PC can relax the ciliary and medial rectus muscles.

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What is an AR PC (augmented reality wearable personal computer)?

Epson BT 300

Transform the translucent display of an AR glasses into an opaque one that light doesn’t penetrate and install a personal computer operating system on its host, which turns the AR Glasses into an AR PC.

An opaque display that light doesn’t penetrate instead of a translucent display

Only the light from the non see-through display of AR PC can relax the ciliary and medial rectus muscles.

Light from close proximity still contracts the ciliary and rectus muscles, irritates the eyes and reduces the clarity of the image.

AR PC not only has the function of traditional computer, but also has the stereo display ability of AR glasses.

NED & Opaque display

The AR PC is characterized by a near-eye display (NED) optical engine that actively projects computer-generated images (CGI) onto the retina, via its opaque displays.


NED optical engine makes the eyes passively receive digital information, rather than actively reading it.

It is called the “passive vision”, as opposed to the “active vision” we usually do in our daily lives.

Similar to the fundus examination in which the doctor puts light from an ophthalmoscope onto the retina,

an AR PC with an opaque display that light doesn’t penetrate can be described as

“an ophthalmoscope with a computer host”.

Parallel light rays

The optical engine of the AR PC actively projects CGI onto the retina. As long as the refractive error is corrected, people of any age can get a clear picture, indicating that the light coming from the AR PC display are parallel light rays.




The termination of human eye fatigue


Eyestrain resulted from close working is caused by prolonged contraction of the ciliary and medial rectus muscles.

When parallel light rays from the AR PC’s display screen are projected into an emmetropic eye or an eye with corrected refractive error, it will naturally focus on the retina, and the eye can clearly receive the CGI without having to adjust the focus.

So the ciliary muscle is in a relaxed state.

Breakthrough 1


When using AR PC, the eyes do not need to accommodate and the ciliary muscles relax. At this time, if the eyes are in a state of looking into the distance, neither the ciliary muscles nor the medial rectus muscles contract; if they are in the near reading state, according to the near reflex, accommodation and convergence will happen at the same time. Because there is no accommodation, there is no convergence either.

So the medial rectus muscle is in a state of relaxation too.

Breakthrough 2

Only the light from the non see-through display of AR PC can relax the ciliary and medial rectus muscles.

Light from close proximity still contracts the ciliary and medial rectus muscles, irritates the eyes and reduces the clarity of the image.


Both the ciliary and medial rectus muscles remain relaxed

The eyes are never tired

Breakthrough 3

Simply put, with “passive vision”, our eyes are fed information and don’t have to work.

Relieve eyestrain

When using the AR PC, as long as the refractive error is corrected, both the ciliary and medial rectus muscles are in a relaxed state. Therefore, AR PC is ideal for relieving eye fatigue caused by prolonged contraction of ciliary muscle and medial rectus muscle due to working for upclose reading for too long.

Breakthrough 4

No reading Glasses needed

As long as the refractive error is corrected, people of any age can get a clear picture, so the elderly do not need reading glasses when using AR PC. This is a breakthrough.

Breakthrough 5

No dizziness


When using AR PC, as long as the refractive error is corrected, both the user’s ciliary muscles and medial rectus muscles are in a relaxed state, there will be no VAC (Vergence-acommodation conflict), so the user won’t get vertigo or dizziness.

Breakthrough 6

This is one of the differences between AR and VR .

This also makes AR different to IMAX 3D films.





The termination of human myopia


The following factors are generally considered to be the main culprits causing myopia:
①. Long-term contraction of the ciliary muscle
②. Long-term contraction of the medial rectus muscle
③. Insufficient time for the retina to be in contact with the sun
④. The eye does not exhibit peripheral myopia
⑤. Peripheral visual field deprivation



 Peripheral retina to contact sunlight

AR PC is equipped with light-transmittable parts around the opaque display.

The opaque display of the AR PC allows the user to face the sun and use sunlight as the background light source.

The opaque display protects the eyeball and the macula, and the light-transmittable part allows the peripheral retina to come into contact with sunlight.

The main part that controls the growth of the eye is the peripheral retina,

which controls the growth of the eye when it comes in contact with sunlight.

Breakthrough 7


An appropriate amount of indirect and scattering sunlight will bring great benefits to everyone!

Peripheral Myopia

The AR PC can be equipped with convex lenses around the opaque display.

The convex lens can shorten the focal length of the light around the opaque display (ie. the macula area), and change the light that is originally focused on the outside of the retina to the inside of the retina, turning the relative peripheral hyperopia into peripheral myopia.

Eyes with peripheral myopia generally do not deteriorate.

Breakthrough 8



No peripheral visual field deprived

When the head is raised, the light-transmittable part of AR PC provides a wide field of view, eliminating the phenomenon that the peripheral visual field is deprived when reading with the head down that results in decrease of the visual field.

Breakthrough 9

AR PC overcomes all currently known myopia factors simultaneously

Breakthrough 10

The end of humann myopia is coming

This is a revolutionary breakthrough for Mankind

One of the purpose of this website is to show the world the great potential of AR PC

Not affected by vehicle vibration

The AR PC moves synchronously with the user’s eyes, and the images remain clear and stable on running vehicles, such as cars, MRTs, and airplanes.

Passengers will no longer have difficulty reading due to vibrations on moving vehicles.

Breakthrough 11


Lying down and the preventive medicine

After hours of sitting or standing, your body will get tired. Lie down and rest for a while, and you’ll get rid of the fatigue!

When standing or sitting, the body consumes more energy than it generates.

On the contrary, when lying down, the body generates more energy than it consumes.

AR PC users can lie down to work. After such a day of work, they will still have plenty of energy.

AR PC users can lie down to work and prevent their body from getting exhausted after a long time.

AR PC’s users can stay physically energetic for a long time which can slow down aging, enhance immunity, reduce the incidence of diseases and medical costs thus improve their quality of life

Breakthrough 12

The spine

Using the AR PC lying down, the spine can be relaxed and extended, and the vertebrae will no longer overlap and compress each other, thus may slow down the degeneration of spine.

Breakthrough 13

The heart

Using AR PC lying down may reduce the heart load and may reduce the incidence of heart attack.

Breakthrough 14

The pelvic organs

Using AR PC lying down, the internal organs of the body no longer fall down due to gravity.

The probability of pelvic organ prolapse in a woman’s lifetime worldwide is 30% to 50%.

If women use AR PC lying down, the chance of pelvic organ prolapse may be greatly reduced.

Breakthrough 15

The wrinkles

Using AR PC lying down, the skin will not sag due to gravity, and wrinkles may not easily occur.i

Breakthrough 16


By lying down while using the AR PC for a long time, people may be healthier, younger and may have a longer life expectancy.

These are just a few examples. There are other health benefits to lying down at work. There should be more discoveries and reports from the medical community in the future.

Breakthrough 17

Dynamic reading instead of Static reading

No neck stiffness, no back pain, no sedentary complications

Breakthrough 18

The AR PC display screen moves along with the line of sight. Users can move the head and neck at will, without having to bend down all the time, and no longer have shoulder and neck stiffness.

The AR PC display is right in front of the eyes. The user does not have to sit all the time and can change the posture at will. They can sit, stand or lie down. In a safe environment, the users can even walk around.

The users can exercise their body or do gentle exercises, such as riding a bicycle on a fixed training platform.

AR PC combines studying and exercise to avoid chronic metabolic diseases caused by being sedentary.



The AR PC changes the habit of sitting still when people read for a long time.

Breakthrough 19


Immerse yourself in Nature

The opaque display of AR PC allows people to work outdoors and get close to nature, e.g. on the balcony, in the woods, by the river or on the grass.

Breakthrough 20


Environmental friendly

AR PC users may go outdoors and reduce the use of artificial light sources, which may save a lot of energy on a global scale.

Breakthrough 21


Sunlight instead of Artificial light

AR PC uses indirect sunlight as the background light source.

Breakthrough 23

Light intensity indoors is rarely more than 800 lux, whereas outdoor light intensity is around 50,000 lux on a sunny, blue-sky day and is rarely less than 5,000 lux, even when overcast.

The increased light exposure during the day is generally believed to be the most likely basis for the beneficial effect of outdoor activity in reducing myopia prevalence (Rose, Morgan et al. 2008a).

The adage : ‘day-light good, night-light bad’.

The spectral composition of light outdoors includes large amounts of ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR) in addition to light in the visible spectrum.
Indoors, the UV portion of the spectrum is largely absent and if incandescent lighting is used the composition of the light is often biased towards the red end of the spectrum.


Proper amount of sunlight is good for physical and mental health.



Sunlight is clean, free, inexhaustible and healthy


Breakthrough 24

The information of two-dimensional image is displayed on X and Y axes, and the information of three-dimensional image is displayed on X, y and Z axes.

Shooting with two lenses simultaneously produces two images from two different angles. Projecting these two images from different angles onto the left and right eyes at the same time produces 3D vision.

In this way, two different images can be projected onto two eyes at the same time to produce stereo vision, that is, information can appear along the Z axis.

Binocular AR PC divides 2D images (X, Y) into odd and even rows (for example, 1280x720x1→1280x360x2) to produce two different complementary images formed from the same angle. When the two different images are projected onto the two eyes, the information are also displayed along the Z-axis, creating a stereo effect. This stereo effect is between 2D and 3D, called 2.5D.

AR PC presents the information of two-dimensional images on the Z axis, making the two-dimensional images lifelike and showing the three-dimensional nature of the two-dimensional images.

It induces a stereoscopic effect that is between 2D and 3D, called 2.5D.

AR PC presents 2D image information on the Z axis, which is a revolutionary progress in human visual technology

From now on, human beings will enter a whole new realm of 2.5D when they enjoy 2D movies

2.5D makes 2D images a magnificent mutation and strikingly more realistic

The 2.5 D images can be of infinite size and have a stereoscopic effect, giving the viewer a sense of being present.

2d images comes alive in AR easily

2.5D brings a new era of vision for mankind

Infinite size of image

When using AR PC, the farther the user looks at a target (such as a wall), the larger the projected image on the retina and the larger the picture in the visual area of the user’s brain will be with the enlargement of the visual field.

Please note that the CGI exists only in the user’s brain.

Taking a viewing angle of 23° as an example, when the projection distance is 10 meters, the screen is 160 inches, and when it is 20 meters, the screen is 320 inches.

Theoretically, the image can be infinite of size.

Breakthrough 25


Epson BT200 user’s manual

SBS(=side by side) 3D

Breakthrough 26

The human brain prefers three-dimensional images to flat ones

As long as SBS (Side by Side) 3D format movies are provided, the AR PC can display stereo scenes with the similar effect to IMAX.

The difference with IMAX is that viewers will not experience dizziness. They can watch it while lying down at home without spending money. They can watch it at anytime, day and night, anywhere, indoors and outdoors, and there are an unlimited number of movies to choose from.


Spherical film

Breakthrough 27

The AR PC is capable of display a 360° spherical film.

Roam the world, go deep into the universe, without going out

As long as you walk following the path in the movie, you will feel as if you were visiting the scene yourself. In this way, you can travel around the world without having to go out. It’s also a great walking exercise. It’s safe, cheap, fun, healthy, informative and environmental friendly.

In these epidemic times, virtual travel makes perfect sense.

The whole universe can be moved into the home.
Most field trips will be unnecessary.
The earth will be cleaner.

You’ll be more informed


Breakthrough 28

The interactive 3D virtual image.

Traditional computer information can only be seen but not touched.

The holographic image floats in the air and can be manipulated, disassembled, combined, and changed in design by air grab.

Hologram software should be affordable in the future when AR PC is popular.

It is safe, practical, weightless, readily available.

For example, a primary school student can disassemble and combine various parts of a virtual bicycle, and change the design of the parts, such as changing the front and rear gear ratio, and changing the parameters of the shock absorber. The reorganized virtual bicycle can be sent to experts such as Giant or Merida for inspection. Passing the inspection indicates that the bicycle conforms to academic principles.

With “virtual images, Stereoscopic observations, Hands-on manipulation, and Endless changes.”, in the future, kindergarten students may assemble tricycles, elementary school students may assemble bicycles, junior high school students locomotives, senior high school students cars, college students airplanes, rockets, space stations, and so on.

“Virtual images, Stereoscopic observations, Hands-on manipulation, and Endless changes.” may unleash the imagination and creativity of everyone.”

AR PC has so many groundbreaking benefits to offer humanity

AR PC is bound to become one of the major electronic products of the future

AR PC is worth the investment of electronics manufacturers and young people

AR PC Transcends Your Imagination!

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